New movements. New places. New faces.

My name is Rich, i’m a travelling martial artist and professional digital designer from the South Coast of the UK.
Just over five years ago I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and it quickly took over any other athletic goals I was chasing. Time in the gym quickly gave way to time on the mats.
Now, as a new purple belt, i’m on the road. I want to seek out and learn as much Jiu Jitsu around the world as possible. All while discovering new places, meeting the people that live there and getting lost along the way.
This blog is a document of my training, the gyms I visit and the gear I use, but it’s also a place to write about the adventures and experiences that happen on the search for all those.
Hopefully you’ll enjoy these stories just as much if you’re interested in travel through the lens of an athletic pursuit, as you would if you’re interested in the martial arts, jiu jitsu, and the training of the body.

can I come and train with you?

If you have a Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Gym, or train at one that welcomes drop ins anywhere in the world then i’d like to hear from you!  
My rough plan is to travel through South Africa, then Asia, then move on to Americas starting with Central America first. However, being flexible is what life on the road is about so please get in touch with where you and your gym is and i’ll be back to you in no time! 

You can get in touch either by:

Emailing me at:
Following and messaging me on Twitter: @riichardmoody
Leaving a comment or messaging on my Instagram: @rich.roams

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